weekly service- starts at $100/mo

Price depends on many factors, please call to have a free quote made at your convenience.

replace pump motor

Call for quote on electric motor. Includes cleaning and replacement of all seals.

something not listed here?

just call for a quote

reseal leaking pump- $175

Have your pump completely torn down, cleaned and all seals replaced. If your pump is leaking this is a good thing to do sooner than later as leaking water can short out the electric motor.


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filter service- $100

Full filter service (tear apart, clean, replace diatamacious earth)

(714) 294-4967‚Äč

Standalone spa drain, clean, and refill- $120

Is your jacuzzi turning a little green and starting to smell funky no matter what you do? It needs to be drained cleaned and refilled. Includes all necessary chemicals

plumbing repairs- start at $100

Call for a quote.

chemical service- $85

Let Empire Pool Services balance the chemicals in your pool while you take care of the netting, vacuuming, brushing, etc.